Crash into the stars
Chapter 3 Interested
Crash into the stars
Author :Re-start from the past
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Chapter 3 Interested

"Well, do I draw well?" Mucheng proudly took out the characters she had just drawn and showed them to her surname Xuan, which she dared to take out after a long time of cultivation.

"This is not a word of art? It turns out that Mucheng will still do this and underestimate you." Ruan Rong smiled and looked at Mu Cheng again and asked, "In other words, so many people in our class like you very much, and you all behave so coldly. Why, do you like your surname Xuan so much?"

Mu Cheng doesn't know how to answer. In fact, she is not cold, but she just doesn't know how to chat with them. She always feels that she can't talk, not that she doesn't like it, but her surname is Xuan... "We are junior high school classmates, and who says I like her? I also like yours very much?"

Ruan Rong smacked his lips, expressed disbelief, and looked at the artistic characters. The corners of his mouth asked, "What is your classmate Ye ranked in your heart?"

As soon as the voice fell, Mucheng's surprised chin almost fell off, and his ears were instantly ripe and quickly spread to his neck. It was visible to the naked eye and full of crimson colors. "Don't talk nonsense, he is not mine yet." Mucheng wants to cry without tears. This child always speaks so amazingly!

A slender note was sandwiched in the book, leaving only a little outside the book. Kelly saw it inadvertently, and his first reaction was a love letter. Then he shook his head and wondered what it was. Shouldn't it be a bookmark sandwiched in the book? What's wrong with the bookmark in the book? Why did he suddenly become enchanted?

When the bell rang and returned to his seat, a note suddenly appeared in his most commonly used notebook. Kelly paused, and the note was siphoned away just as he was shaking his mind.

"Ouch, another love letter? Is it from the little girl in our class again?" Murong Chang conveniently opened the note, a long and thin note, which seemed to draw some symbols.

"I'll go... awesome, Kelly, you didn't offend anyone, so she asked for a symbol to fix you." Really didn't expect to have this kind of magical thing, Murong Chang instantly felt that his knowledge was rich again.

The rose outside the window is still sending out a sweet smell, drifting into the paper, smelling carefully, and there is a faint fragrance in the paper.

Kelly ignored what he said, took the note and put it on the table.

Murong Chang looked at him strangely. How do you feel that Kelly is different today? He used to take a random look and throw it into the trash can. This time he didn't look at it. The strangest thing is that he didn't throw it!

He has said before that one glance is for politeness and the other is for tossing it because he shows that he is not interested in love letters.

What does it mean to not see or throw this time?

Yes... I'm not interested in you, but I'm interested in the symbols you draw?

This, this... strange, Murong is slanderous in the heart, inadvertently and carefully glance at the surname Xuan.

So... will the surname Xuan also be interested in Fu? But if she is only interested in Fu, she has no interest in me. I am not Fu who wants to accompany her all her life.

Murong Chang curled his lips, so it was still useless.

Although so said, but Murong Chang still looked back at her surname Xuan, and her surname Xuan smiled at the corners of her mouth and smiled slightly, as if she was interested in this.

Seems to feel the Murong is the eye, surname Xuan puzzled to see him, then obviously dazed, and very unnatural stroke a hair, pursed her lips, bowed their heads and continued to learn.

Why is she smoothing her hair? Have I ever pulled her hair before? No, right? Why does she feel so unhappy all of a sudden?

Murong is stunned for a moment, saying that the surname Xuan has come here for two or three days, he hasn't spoken to her yet, and the contact information hasn't been asked.

"Next physical education class, go out early, the teacher has something to say." When the bell rang, Murong Chang turned to hear Ye Xun's voice before he could speak.

Taking advantage of Ye Xun's speaking time, Murong Chang's thinking suddenly went back to the line, and her mind was running rapidly. Would it be too abrupt to ask her contact information directly? After all, Kelly always looks down on this kind of person and then leaves directly.

What he explained at that time meant that this kind of person asked for his contact information directly regardless of his feelings, and he didn't have to give her contact information according to her feelings.

This, this... he felt the mood of people at that time, and it was really... it's a long story!

"What in a daze? Don't leave?" Kelly glanced at him, his hand in his trouser pocket, wondering.

"Go, but Kelly, I still thank you very much." Murong Chang pulled up the corners of his mouth and smiled. He was afraid that only Ye Xun and he could see his puzzled expression. Since he could understand his expression, let alone his surname Xuan?

Think about... Just now, the surname Xuan smiled quite obviously. Murong Chang smiled, thinking of her unnatural, he also felt it.

Why can't she open up and try to communicate with others more? Murong is puzzled, but helpless.