Crash into the stars
Chapter Two Believe
Crash into the stars
Author :Re-start from the past
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Chapter Two Believe

"Ding Rinrin..."

The bell finally rang, a Chinese class, afraid that only those good students will not be hypnotized.

Murong Chang rubbed his temples. He was sleepy in Chinese class before. Many times he slept directly on the table. As a result, today, because he saw his surname Xuan, he was sleepy! It's really... It's crazy!

"Don't forget to go to the office." Kelly reminded Murong Chang without looking up.

As soon as the words sound just fell, the nib flew on the paper again, leaving a string of beautiful glyphs.

Murong Chang can't help but smack his tongue. He is really a good student, and his words are so beautiful.

Too bad it's a man.

But what if he is not a man? Murong Chang frowned and thought for a moment. He looked so marked. Although his temper is cold for most people, there will still be many boys chasing him. What about him? Will he be interested in this kind of person?

People who look very MoMo will reveal in their eyes that people who are born are not close to each other...

So he still doesn't know what his surname Xuan has experienced over the years. How can it become a character with Kelly?

But! But according to say so, they are now a sex, he and Kelly is still very iron relationship, does that mean that he can also accept the surname Xuan now temper?

After all, people who can be colder than Kelly... there should be few... Murong Chang shrank his neck, swallowed his saliva and was timid.

Even if! Even if she is really colder than Kelly, then he should not be unintelligent. If he doesn't try, how can he know if she is his favorite character now? In case he is very different now, in case he prefers his present surname Xuan? Hmm... seems to be a little reasonable, Murong Chang seems to have convinced himself, and finally not entangled in that MoMo's eyes.

"What in a daze? Still don't go?" Kelly glanced at him gently, and there was still no pause in the movements of his hands.

Murong Chang raised his eyebrows and walked towards the door. It seems that people like Kelly who are cold outside and hot inside are also good.

"Ding" cell phone suddenly rang, about a time difference, surname Xuan low eyebrow, can send her message at this time, afraid of only Fan Zhiling.

Hesitated for a long time, the surname Xuan still took out her mobile phone and took a look. She still knows the big brother next door. If she doesn't return all the time, he is afraid that he will always wait at her door, waiting to send her to school.

"The surname is Xuan, where are you now? If you don't come back to school, you will be late." Sure enough, it was sent by Fan Zhiling.

S City, Fan Zhiling is standing at the door of his surname Xuan, watching the door anxiously.

The door of the house is closed, and even the windows are closed. It seems that there is no one in it. He remembers that when his surname Xuan sleeps, he never remembers to close the window. When Grandma Xuan was still alive, Grandma Xuan helped to close it. Now Grandma Xuan died a few days ago. How can someone help her close the window?

How can she remember to close the window like a fool?

Yesterday afternoon, I heard that she suddenly left, and the class didn't go. After that, he didn't see her, and he didn't think much. Now he found the problem. Why didn't he want to ask where she went?

What if a girl meets a bad person?

"I'm taking classes in B City. I moved. Sorry, I didn't tell you in advance." The surname Xun knocked on the keyboard word by word, and after considering it for a long time, he said, "You go to school well. Although you have been in college, you can't slack off. I, you don't have to worry, I will take good care of myself."

Seems to be hesitant for a moment, the surname Xuan said again, "Also, find a girlfriend as soon as possible in the university, and Uncle Fan still wants to have grandchildren."

It looks like a joke about him. Fan Zhiling really knows her profound meaning. He also knows that after so many years, he has not been able to enter his heart. She just hopes that he will find a girlfriend as soon as possible and stop liking her.

As for why she left and didn't tell him, probably, when there is a cache period for sadness, once that day comes, it will be even more unacceptable. Long-term pain is better than short-term pain. After all, it must be accepted. In fact, she will be afraid of his sadness, but she doesn't know, which will only make him more sad.

Putting down her mobile phone, her surname exuberant heaved a sigh of relief, and she couldn't help but shed a tear when she looked out of the window at the gorgeous Chinese rose in full bloom. Grandma said that her favorite is the Chinese rose in B city, and she was lucky enough to bring back a branch to plant, but she couldn't open it in B city.

A person's feelings, only in the right person is right, and she, not his, the right person.

Is to regard him as the big brother next door, just the feelings of the big brother next door. She knows that he is very nice and gentle, and he has been with her all the time since Grandma died.

So she can't accept it. For her, a love beyond the moment.