Crash into the stars
Chapter One Dream Lover
Crash into the stars
Author :Re-start from the past
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Chapter One Dream Lover

In an instant, it was the beginning of the school season, and the rose outside the window sent out bursts of fragrance, which quietly spread around and gradually drifted into the classroom. The classroom was full of the fragrance of rose.

The bell rang in class, and when all the students were already seated in their positions, the teacher was still slow in the future.

"Hey, have you heard that there is a transfer student in our class? I heard that it is a high school in S city, or a famous schoolmaster!"

"A high? Why did a school as good as A high come to us? Bully the scum?"

"What you said is that our school is also a key high school, but you are poor."

"Ha ha, what you said is ruthless. Is the transfer student a man or a woman? Is it good-looking? What style? I think I can do it."

Listening to these trivial, Murong is very disdainful smile, on a transfer students, what can we talk about? He has never seen the world, but he has seen more beautiful people...

Speaking of it, that was many years ago.

Murong is lost in memories, I don't know after a few minutes, there were bursts of footsteps outside the classroom.

It should be their class teacher, Ji Jia, who is wearing high heels and stepping on the ground. The footsteps behind him are very light... It should be the transfer student. It should be a girl if you listen to the footsteps.

Then, Murong Chang paused, strange, how do you feel that there are only two people's footsteps? Didn't her parents come to see her off?

Murong Chang looked at the door doubtfully. As he said, Ji Jia, who was wearing high heels, was followed by a girl, who was born with long blonde hair, slender body and white skin.

In M country, people with pale blonde hair color are rare, but he also knows a person with long pale blonde hair, whose surname is Xuan, S city, but she worked with her parents at that time, so they only stayed in B city for a few months, and then left with them again.

But this does not prevent him from being deeply impressed by this girl.

How old were you then? He could not remember, but he remembered that he liked her so much that after so many years, he liked no one, nor any girl.

"The last name is Xuan. There is an empty table over there. You should sit down first, and then you will be adjusted when you have time." Teacher Ji Jia pointed to the position behind Murong Chang's side and said to his surname Xuan.

Stars? Ye Xun looked at the new transfer student and suddenly smiled. He remembered that Murong Chang often said that he liked a girl named Xingxing with long blond hair, which was quite consistent with the transfer student.

They all thought this person was Murong Chang's dream lover before. After all, no one had seen him before. Even Kelly, who grew up with Murong Chang, didn't remember this person. Moreover, this hair color was too rare to be illusory.

Ye Xun couldn't help feeling, is this the legendary dream lover crawling out of his dream?

As footsteps approached, Murong Chang always felt that the air had solidified, otherwise how could he feel unable to breathe?

She has changed, the feeling has changed a lot, the whole person is calm a lot, temperament is also biased towards mild, completely unlike before, once upon a time, as long as close to her, the molecules in the air can obviously feel jumping!

"Surname Xuan, I..." Murong is eager to talk with her, turned his head but don't know what to say. Just when he was nervous and at a loss, he looked up and saw his surname Xuan fundus MoMo.

She seems to be numb to everything, and doesn't care about everything. She only lowers her eyes and sorts out her things, and doesn't want to communicate with anyone.

Indeed, she has changed a lot, not before. And for so many years, she must have forgotten him long ago. Murong Chang laughed at himself, and his eyes couldn't stop showing his sad appearance.

"Cough, class! Murong, turn your head back to me!" Teacher Ji Jia looked at Murong Chang and stared at him indissoluble, as if to stare him out of a hole.

Seeing that the teacher's anger value soared, Murong Chang suddenly remembered that he was punished last semester, and the teacher also had this expression at that time! I can't wait to eat him!

Angry turned back to the head, Murong Chang heart slander, in fact, last semester is not all he was wrong, and just now he is really impatient, this he has to admit, although many times he likes to play small temper, but he is not a completely unreasonable person.

"Ok, let's start class. Let's take out the Chinese books, talk about ancient poems, and ask questions and recite them in the next class." Ji Jia stamped his feet, and his high heels chopped to the floor and made a sound of "uttering" to alert the students not to run away and listen carefully.

The chalk words "Shua Shua" flashed out on the blackboard, and Murong Chang's thoughts sitting underneath suddenly drifted far away. He suddenly didn't know what his persistence for so many years was for, and whether it was worth it?

Especially when he saw the MoMo in her eyes, his heart really cooled, like a basin of cold water poured from head to toe.

This is not the appearance of his favorite surname Xuan. What has she experienced over the years? How did this happen?

"Murong is! Come to my office after class!" Teacher Ji Jia glanced at Murong Chang, who was stupid, and barely suppressed his anger to continue his lecture.