Airborne love comprehensive: reborn film queen ves
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"Entertainment + vest + love comprehensive + president + sweet pet + slag abuse" Jiangning, an 18-line black female star, was framed by love rat in her previous life. After being reborn, Jiangning stopped pretending, and she had to rely on love to explode! She played the king bombing with a bad hand, and the group daughter, freestyle skiing champion, famous hand model, treasure master and vest queen were born! Abuse love rat cheap girl, forcing black powder to call dad. People give the nickname "Mei Dehuo". Rumor has it that Gu Beicheng, who is in power at home, is not close to women and is ruthless and violent. Who knows that he is a wife-spoiling maniac, chasing his wife to the love complex, chasing her group CP every day!

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